Chocking of Sewer Lines is a common occurrence experienced at many premises, be it homes, hotels or hospitals. We undertake cleaning of Sewer Lines and Manholes at the commercial level hospitals, hotels, industries and municipal contracts. These wastes are then transported and disposed off safely, with the use of the Gully Sucker, a specialized tanker with a suction machine that sucks up waste by creating high vacuum. A septic tank is a watertight chamber made of block work, solid, fiberglass, , through which blackwater from reservoir or pour-flush toilets and greywater through a funnel from inside a building or an outside latrine streams for essential treatment. Settling and anaerobic procedures decrease solids and organics, yet the treatment is just direct. Emanating is penetrated into the ground or transported through a sewer to a (semi-)unified treatment plant. Amassing fecal muck needs to be uncovered the chamber routinely and effectively discarded.